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Letters of Protection

What is an LOP?


A Letter of Protection (LOP) (also called Medical Lien) is a document that secures the ability for a person to get medical treatment, which is often required due to an injury caused by the negligence of someone else. In these cases, the injured person’s lawyer can send an LOP to the health care provider, which promises payment once the injury case is settled and a financial recovery is received. In turn, the injured person is able to get necessary medical care he or she may have had difficulty paying for themselves.

A doctor might hesitate to accept an LOP, because he or she lacks the experience to fully evaluate the legal aspect of the medical case and the likelihood of eventually getting paid. This is where we can help.

With 20+ years of medical legal experience as well as our ownership and management of medical practices, we are in a unique position to effectively administer the LOP process and provide LOP funding options. We ensure our clients reduce LOP risk while experiencing fast and fair financial benefits.


Is the LOP written in a way that is fair to the physician?

Not all LOPs are written the same. Understanding the language contained in an LOP is critical in determining whether it should be accepted by the health care provider. Many LOPs contain language that make it difficult for the physician to recover their bill for services unless certain criteria are met. For example, many LOPs require the physician to provide a bill for their services within 5 days of a request from the attorney for the bill. If the physician fails to provide its bill for services within that time, the LOP can be deemed paid. We work on behalf of the physician to ensure the LOP language is fair and provides them full opportunity to recover payment for their services.

Do you know the specifics of the accident that caused the patient’s injuries and how this could impact the value of the LOP?

Depending on the type of case and accident, there may be insurance coverage that is frequently unexplored by the attorney. Knowing how to determine all available coverage is important when evaluating whether to accept an LOP. For example, our investigations sometimes uncover the fact that a workers compensation case actually has a third party liability and thus could offer additional LOP payment options.

Does the patient have similar prior injuries?

Many times a patient will have had a similar automobile accident and injuries prior to seeking a physician’s help. These pre-existing conditions can reduce the value of the claim. It’s important that this type of ancillary information is discovered prior to making a decision on accepting an LOP.

Is there sufficient liability insurance to pay the physician bill?

One of the most important questions a physician has to consider is whether or not the patient has the ability to pay for the services. Many times the cost of medical services, which include surgical care and treatment, can be substantial. Leveraging our extensive experience as both a plaintiff attorney and medical practice owner, Surgical Capital Solutions is able to effectively determine whether or not there is sufficient insurance available to compensate the health care provider for services. This is a critical part of the LOP process, one in which a physician’s staff may simply not have the time and experience to fully resolve.

Is the attorney communicating with you on the LOP settlement?

Unfortunately, many attorneys are very busy with their practices and simply fail to inform the health care provider when a particular case is settled. As a result, the provider is frequently not paid. By allowing us to assess and then fund your LOP cases, we eliminate this risk for you.

LOP Funding

While we can manage the LOPs on behalf of clients, most of our clients choose our funding option. With this service, we provide our client with immediate payment for the receivable, at a pre-negotiated rate. We then manage the entire LOP process, removing this burden from the provider and allowing them to focus on providing quality patient care.

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